MILAGROSA (Updated: 140708)
Art dump of Danton. 2003 onwards, no improvement.

51: [SG:A][DC][Collab] Blue & Gold #0 with Descartes
49: [Etc] Participant Observation
48: [AI'08] Tainted Love
47: [SG:A] John Sheppard
46b: [SG:A][Comic][Link] And The World Is Warming
46a: [SG:A][Comic][Link] Wherein They Are Penguins
45: [SG:A] And One Three Rodneys
44: [SG:A] Four Frans
43: [SG:A] The One Where Rodney Is A Cactus
42: [TDS/TCR][Recovered] Jon Stewart: Green Lantern
41: [HS Musical] Pre-Slash RyanxChad
40: [HS Musical] Agents Jazz Square and Golden Throat
39: [Wrestling] Los Heartbreak Kids
38: [Wrestling][Secret] Flair and Piper Allies '97
37: [Wrestling] HBK: Common Person
36: [Etc] Mr. Palengke
35: [Wrestling] Handsomest Man Alive Today
34: [*NSync] Chaotic Doodling per Lance's Birthday
33: [DC][Gift] Girl!Blue Beetle by Sabu
32b: [TDS/TCR][Comic] Jon's Birthday
32a: [TDS/TCR][Comic] Jon's Birthday
31: [TDS/TCR][FIC] Colbert, Stewart remix
30: [TDS/TCR][NSFW] Pubes+Drag!Stewart, Colbert
29: [TDS/TCR] College!Stewart, College!Colbert
28: [TDS/TCR][FIC] Stewart, Anderson Cooper
27: [TDS/TCR] Current Correspondents Xanadu
26d: [TDS/TCR][NSFW][FIC] Colored by Sigarilyo
26c: [TDS/TCR][NSFW] Rapid Deterioration: Two Drag
26b: [TDS/TCR][NSFW] Rapid Deterioration: One Drag
26a: [TDS/TCR][NSFW][FIC] The Word; nudeh
25: [TDS/TCR] Colbert "Sin City"
24: [TDS/TCR][Comic] Sad Horny
23: [TDS/TCR] Colbert, Stewart West Side Story
22: [TDS/TCR][NSFW] Sailor!Colbert, Stewart, smooch
21: [TDS/TCR] Tek Jansen, Priness!Stewart, Sun!Corddry
20: [TDS/TCR] Stewart, Colbert hug
19: [TDS/TCR] Lewis Black and the devil
18: [Etc] Neutral Keychain
17: [Etc] Angry Keychain
16: [Etc] "Onizuka" as Astroboy
15: [Etc] Self-Indulgent Doodling 1
14: [Etc] Random MSPaint Face
13: [Etc] Fish on Table
12: [Etc] She's So Elastic
11: [Harry Potter][Comic] SnapexLupin-ish
10: [Naruto][Comic] Untitled; KakaIru SasuNaru 12parts
09: [Naruto][Comic] KakaIru: Aling Nena
08: [Naruto][Comic] Know Your Naruto
07: [Naruto][Comic] Naruto, Sasuke, Kankuro
06: [Naruto] Iruka and Kin
05: [Naruto][Comic] Kakashi and Iruka (Iruka's Birthday)
04: [Naruto] Gaara, Kankuro and Dodongo
03: [Naruto] SD!Naruto Cast
02: [Naruto] Kankuro and Sasuke
01: [Naruto] Dosu, Kin and Zaku

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